Kathy has recently completed my Foundations for Inclusion programme. She engaged thoughtfully with the tasks and carefully considered the learning points in relation to projects she works on. She was an active member of the group supporting and engaging with others.

Beth Cox, Inclusion and Equality Consultant

Kathy is a pleasure to work with, a good communicator, combining humour with professionalism.

Korky Paul, Illustrator

From my very first contact with Kathy, I found her the perfect combination of entirely professional but also warm and approachable. She was everything you would hope to find in an editor.

Harriet Whitehorn, Author

Kathy is so smart, creative and insightful and brings huge knowledge and experience to her projects.

Julia Churchill, A M Heath Literary Agents

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy Webb for over twenty years and I cannot speak too highly of her. I recommend her warmly.

Tim Bowler, Author

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kathy as a first class editor and commissioner of children’s books with an instinctive judgement of what readers will enjoy.

Matt Dickinson, Author

Kathy is an absolute joy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Chris Snowdon, MD, Working Partners Ltd

Kathy Webb is a terrific editor. She was the first to spot the potential in my initial manuscript, and thanks to her advocacy and editorial guidance it went on to become the first in a successful series.

John Dougherty, Author

Kathy is professional, insightful, and understanding, as well as fun. My books were always the better for her eye.

Joanna Nadin, Author

Kathy’s years of experience as an editor shine through. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Elaine Wickson, Author

A manuscript that has been worked on by Kathy is always, always better.

Penny Holroyde, Holroyde Cartey

Kathy pours care and joy into her work and championed my books long after her job on them was finished. Her magical touch brought out the best in my writing.

Martin Howard, Author

Kathy is a very skilled editor. She sees clearly to the heart of a story, pinpointing what is important and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, and where improvements and changes need to be made.

Emma Fischel, Author

Kathy is a fantastic editor – amenable, responsive, meticulous and efficient.

Catherine Coe, founder of All Stories

Kathy is a tremendously talented editor, full of inspired and inspiring ideas. She’s an absolute joy to work with.

Cas Lester, Author

Kathy is a reliable, well-organised and efficient editor with great personal skills and attention to detail.

Matilda Johnson, Golden Egg Academy

Kathy is professional, friendly, super-organised, and unflappable! She is a pleasure to work with.

Tracey Turner, Co-Founder of Raspberry Books

Kathy has a great eye for detail and a brilliant attitude.

Matt Brown, Author

Kathy is an enthusiastic and imaginative editor. Her notes on my manuscripts were incisive and helpful, and she was friendly and approachable throughout the whole process. I would happily work with Kathy again!

Jo Cotterill, Author

Often, I would mention a half-formed idea for a book and she would know the perfect way to approach it, and was always clear, honest and kind in her feedback.

Ben Davis, Author

I have loved working with Kathy and couldn’t have entrusted my stories to a better editor.

Maria Farrer, Author